If you’re like me, you love the infinite possibilities of what you might become. My journey started with a crayon. Along my creative road, I’ve discovered photography, silversmithing, weaving, painting and ultimately writing. With every creative avenue I’ve sampled, I’ve collected notebooks filled with my ramblings.

You see, I’m an expert doodler. My mind seldom rests when I have a pen in my hand. The movement of loops and curves allows my thoughts to wander. When the picture is complete, so is a new idea. Those turn into rough drafts followed by a finished story. I look forward to bringing these stories to you.

All my books are erotic and meant for readers over 18.

My first book, PLAY A GAME WITH ME, was published in December 2017.

THE PERCEPTION GAME came out in 2018.

REVVING HER HEART is book one in my Blacke Brothers series. FROM DENVER TO FOREVER is book two and won N.N. Light’s Book Heaven award for best erotic romance in 2019. UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT is book three and won N.N. Light’s Book Heaven award for best erotic romance in 2020. YOURS…MINE…ALWAYS is book four.

On Kindle Unlimited I have a novella, BEAUTIFUL WILL DO; a novel FANTASY LOVER and a short story, BASH. Check them out if you want a taste of my writing.

HARLOW: A Choice & Consequence Novel is the first book in my new series. It came out November 2020. It’s a dark erotic suspense novel, but still has the one thing I love in books…A HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

HOUSTON: A Choice & Consequence Novel is book two in the series. Available now.

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